Firewall registries

We’ve added a new type of registries to Bytesafe. Firewall registries let you centralize security for your organization.

This feature allows you to centrally manage a set of security policies, including quarantine, and will automatically impact all downstream registries.

What is a Firewall Registry?

Firewall registries provide the same package management capabilities as package registries, with the added benefit of being able to more finely control and tailor firewall rules. The firewall registries can be used as upstreams for package registries and therefore control the package flows when you want to block threats before they cause harm.

Firewall registries let you create security policies that can be applied to packages regardless of where they are located in your hierarchy and independent of the package registry. Those packages that do not pass the policy assessment can optionally be quarantined.

Firewall registry

Firewall registries are an integral part of the Bytesafe Dependency Firewall that offers next level of protection for organizations, and their software supply chains.

Getting started with Firewall registries

Creating a firewall registry is just as easy as creating a standard package registry. For details, please refer to the documentation. Create a firewall button

1. Click on the button Create firewall under Registries in the menu.

2. Select ecosystem and optionally an upstream, like the public npmjs.

3. Configure Quarantine settings and other plugins & policies.

4. Done!

Want to know more? Read more on our Dependency Firewall product page or see how to work with Firewall Registries in our docs.