Added support for NuGet and .NET

This release adds support for the .NET ecosystem and NuGet packages. Make sure every developer and application has access to secure dependencies with Bytesafe private NuGet registries.

With Bytesafe fully managed NuGet registries users can continue using their regular tools like Visual Studio and the nuget CLI to access public dependencies by proxying (or other external feeds). The Bytesafe Dependency Firewall makes sure all NuGet dependencies are secure and comply with your business requirements.

Bytesafe private NuGet registry

Getting started with NuGet projects

Getting started with NuGet packages in Bytesafe is easy and done in minutes.

  1. Create a new NuGet registry in Bytesafe
  2. Add preferred upstreams, like to proxy public open source dependencies
  3. Add a new NuGet package source directly in Visual Studio or using the nuget client

Bytesafe provides copy-paste ready and contextual instructions in the web app.


With the new NuGet package source simply add, restore, browse or search packages - using Bytsafe as your secure source for .NET projects.

Unable to create NuGet registries in your workspace? We roll it out to our users in multiple phases. Send us a NuGet access request and we’ll enable it for your workspace.

Dependency firewall for NuGet packages

The Bytesafe Dependency Firewall works for all package types, including NuGet packages. The Dependency Firewall adds significant security to an organization’s supply chain while at the same time being transparent and easy to use for developers.

All new registries have Vulnerability Scanner and License Compliance enabled by default. Users can enable automatic quarantine of serious threats, preventing them from compromising your organization.

Want to protect developers and automated environments from unintentionally adding newly released (and potentially malicious) dependencies? Customize the safety delays for your registry, allowing new versions to mature and be vetted by the community before use.

Want to know more

Read more on our NuGet product page or see how to work with NuGet registries in our docs.

Looking for other ecosystems? Bytesafe is your secure source for the package ecosystems you care about. Use the same secure dependency firewall for NuGet + Maven + npm packages.

Missing an ecosystem you care about? Let us know! Send us an email directly with some details and I’ll get back to you.