Added support for more ecosystems - Maven repositories (Java / Kotlin / Scala - Maven / Gradle)

We have now added support for Maven repositories so that you can apply the same supply chain security to your Java, Kotlin or Scala applications using build tools like Maven and Gradle.

Make sure all your application dependencies from Maven central, or other public repositories, are secure and comply with your business requirements.

Our goal has always been to make the JavaScript ecosystem a safer place. Now we’re proud to announce that we are broadening our mission with support for more ecosystems.

Using Bytesafe adds significant security to an organizations supply chain - while at the same time being transparent and easy to use for developers that can continue to use the tools they are used to, such as mvn and gradle.

Vulnerability scanning and License compliance for Maven and Gradle projects

Maven and Gradle are build tools, which are commonly used for Java and other similar JVM based languages. Bytesafe now lets you create new types of registries that support your Maven/Gradle artifacts.

Regardless of the type of registry you will use secure dependencies as our Vulnerability Scanner and License Compliance are enabled by default. Automatically notified and able to track remediation of any new known vulnerabilities or license compliance issues.

Maven registry

Dependency firewall for Maven and Gradle

The Bytesafe Dependency Firewall works for all package types, including Maven artifacts. Examples include automatic quarantine of serious threats and preventing users in the organization from installing newly released patch version of dependencies by adding a safety delay.

Maven package with vulnerabilities

Looking for more information?

Read more on our Maven product page or see how to work with Maven repositories in our docs.

PS. Missing an ecosystem you care about? Let us know! Send me an email directly with some details and I’ll get back to you.