Added GitHub bot: Link Bytesafe Issues to GitHub issues and pull requests

The existing Bytesafe GitHub integration has been extended to support linking of Bytesafe Issues to GitHub issues and pull requests.

You can link issues on mentions from both Bytesafe and GitHub Issues:

  • GitHub: include the full URL to a Bytesafe issue in a comment (or pull request).
  • Bytesafe: include the URL of a GitHub issue in a comment.

bytesafe-integration bot update with current Bytesafe Issue state

GitHub integration also enables use of GitHub repositories as upstreams for a whole Bytesafe Workspace.

The integration handles all authentication and access to GitHub repositories.

The Bytesafe GitHub bot

Bytesafes GitHub bot will automatically:

  • Link issues on mentions (bidirectional)
  • Notify GitHub Issues of Bytesafe Issue statues changes
  • Update GitHub Issue with current state of Bytesafe Issue
  • Update Bytesafe Issue with current status of GitHub Issue


You can automatically close linked Bytesafe issues when merging a GitHub pull request.

Include Fixes <Bytesafe issue URL> or Closes <Bytesafe issue URL> in a pull request description or commit message to close the issue automatically on merge.

fixes issue comment to trigger automation

Looking for more information?

See Issues and GitHub Integration in the Bytesafe Documentation.