Bytesafe Dashboards with metrics and completely new design

Big release that adds Dashboards in Bytesafe. All security issues, license issues and other relevant metrics from your registries in one place.

Bytesafe has also been completely redesigned to greatly improve the user experience across all devices.

Bytesafe Dashboard

Bytesafe Dashboards

Dashboards provide noise free information for the security and license issues that need your attention. Coupled with information on recent activity, registries, packages, versions and trends this allows for you to stay in control over what happens with your package supply chain.  Metrics are available both for individual registries as well as aggregated metrics for your whole workspace.

Dashboards make it easier for your teams to understand both risks and changes to your package dependencies, regardless if you are a developer, security, QA or from the business side.

Be sure to have the Vulnerability and License scanner plugins enabled to get the most out of Dashboards. Enable the Vulnerability and License scanner plugins

Improved user experience with new design

We’ve been working hard to improve the user experience. The result: A complete makeover of Bytesafe.

With the new design, all new registries will automatically have the vulnerability and license scanners enabled so that your dependencies are continuously monitored for new issues. If issues are found, more information is available by just clicking on the packages or the security badges.

Bytesafe has been redesigned

Login and look at your dashboards now!

Bytesafe has just been updated. Don’t wait - simply login to your workspace and check out your own dashboard and the new design!

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