Bytesafe registries now support Git repository upstreams

Bytesafe now offers support for integration with Git repositories as upstreams to your registries.

This feature allows users to connect private and public Git repositories to Bytesafe as package sources. For the developer this means that node modules can be installed regardless if they are sourced from your private registry, an external npm registry or Git repository.

Bytesafe plugins and policies can also be applied on modules sourced from Git repositories.

You can add Git repositories to Bytesafe registries in one of two ways:

  • Directly as an external URL when adding upstreams (any repository ending in .git).
  • Integrate your GitHub account with Bytesafe, allowing access to all or select repositories on GitHub for your whole account.

For more information on using Git repositories as upstreams, refer to our newly released documentation site:

If you have any questions on using Git repository upstreams that is not answered by the documentation, contact Bytesafe Support