Release management features: Promote package and Autoincrement Plugin

Two main features of the release related to release management: Promote functionality for package versions as well as Version auto increment plugin has been added.

Promote package, lets you select a existing package version and promote it to a new version (and possible new target registry), removing the need to re-publish from your project and running the risk of including unplanned changes.

Promote package can be performed from either the web app or the Bytesafe CLI.


Version auto increment plugin automatically steps versions for packages that are published to registries where the plugin is enabled. Removing the need to step the version manually in package.json.

If you want to make use of the Version auto increment Plugin, enable it or others in the Plugins tab (Select registry -> Plugins) in Bytesafe.


To get a better understanding of how Promote and Version auto increment can be used in your release management process, read our blog post on the subject

Release notes:

  • Added Promote as a package function
  • Added Version auto increment Plugin
  • Added support for closing accounts directly from the web application (we would prefer if this function is never used and you keep using your account instead)
  • Updated multiple email templates to better harmonize with design for rest of service
  • bug fixes etc.
If you have any questions or experience any issues, we would appreciate your feedback!