Manage Open Source Threats. Intelligently.


Vulnerabilities can be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information, steal data, disrupt operations, or even take control of systems.

This can have serious consequences for individuals and organizations, including financial loss, data breaches, and damage to reputation.


A secure supply chain with Bytesafe

What is the Dependency Firewall?

Bytesafe Dependency Firewall protects you by controlling the third party packages, versions and licenses used by your organization. Making sure dependencies comply with your security policies, without impact on developer productivity.

Dependencies are packages your applications import to perform tasks without the need to write the same functionality yourself. Most dependencies are open source software - an important asset for any organization as long they comply with legal and security requirements.

Bytesafe Platform

Block vulnerable components from entering your supply chain

Bytesafe automatically quarantines vulnerable components for you before they become a problem in your supply chain.
  • Firewall for new packages as well as proxy for existing Npm, Maven, Nuget and Pyton packages
  • Configurable to your security policies
  • Policies evaluated continuously
Bytesafe Platform

Take control over new package versions

When CI/CD systems or developers update dependencies you need a security layer that controls access to new versions - to not inadvertently include malicious code.

Bytesafe allows for a defined security delay period preventing versions with insufficient maturity. A buffer - with sufficient time for new versions to be vetted.

  • The latest versions are not always the secure
  • Decide for your organization when you trust new versions - use the Delay Upstreams policy
Bytesafe Platform

Automatically identify issues with your dependencies

Bytesafe identifies vulnerabilities, deprecated components and license issues early, where it’s easier and less costly to fix. Information is aggregated in a beautiful UI where issues can be tracked to remediation.
  • Identify outdated, vulnerable and non-complying components
  • Integration with GitHub Issues
  • Slack, email & in-app notifications
Bytesafe Platform

Protect your organization with a dependency firewall

Shift responsibility from individual developers to security as a business-level decision. With Bytesafe your internal packages & external dependencies are safe and always available.
  • Block packages according to your business rules
  • Scan for known vulnerabilities and open source license compliance issues
  • Prevent supply chain attacks and dependency confusion
Bytesafe Platform

Make open source governance available to everyone 💙

Security is a team effort. With Bytesafe, key information is available not only to Developers but also Business & Security stakeholders.

Easily track metrics & issues, risk exposure and trends in Bytesafe.

  • Accessible metrics with Dashboards & Issues
  • Get notifications directly into your inbox
Bytesafe Platform

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