Identify open source risk in your supply chain

Software Composition Analysis

Identify software assets and remediate risk with dependency analysis of your code repositories. Scan and trust the dependencies used in your applications with ease by adding your Git repositories.

Vulnerabilities and ransomware turn open source package dependencies into potential security threats. Not knowing what open source code you are using is a recipe for disaster.

Software Composition Analysis

A secure supply chain with Bytesafe

Software Composition Analysis

Add your Git repositories to Bytesafe for continuous SCA scanning and monitoring. Bytesafe identifies components and runs dependency analysis on existing files to detect direct and transitive dependencies. The Bytesafe Advisory DB is used to scan all open source dependencies, automatically notifying you of any issues found.

Bytesafe Platform

Continuous Git repository analysis

Add your source repositories and let Bytesafe’s dependency analysis continuously scan and monitor the software composition.

Bytesafe detects new code commits and rescan project files for changes in the dependencies.

  • Dependency analysis for your Git repositories
  • Notifications when new security vulnerabilities are detected
Export SBOMs

Export SBOMs

Download Software Bill of Materials for any linked Git repository and components detected. SBOMs from Bytesafe use the standardized CycloneDX format, listing both direct and transitive software assets used in your software.
  • Download SBOM for JavaScript, .NET and GoLang components
  • CycloneDX format
Bytesafe Platform

Automatically reanalyze the composition after every commit

Identify new open source dependencies and vulnerable versions when the code changes. Use the GitHub Integration to detect new commits and automatically rescan the repository.
  • Automated scans whenever the code changes with the GitHub Integration
Bytesafe Platform

Track software assets in your package registries

Identify what packages are used by your developers and CI/CD in Bytesafe registries and know who did what and when.

Search packages in any registry and identify vulnerabilities plus the quickest way to remediation.

  • Manage software assets in your Npm, Maven, NuGet and PyPI registries
  • Accessible metrics with Dashboards & Issues
Bytesafe Platform

Benefit from open source within secure perimeters 💙

Security is a team effort. With Bytesafe, developers and security teams can define organization-wide rules and automatically enforce them.

With governance information available not only to Developers but also Business & Security stakeholders.

  • Secure software composition for the whole organization
  • Get notified for any issues that require attention