Video Resources

Getting started with Bytesafe

Getting started guide for secure private Bytesafe registries. Easily add your own private packages together with external public npm packages and protect your business!

Bytesafe Plugins & Policies - rules & automations for registries

Introduction to Plugins & Policies for Bytesafe private npm registries. Customize the behavior and actions for your registries with rules and automations.

Freeze policy - Make your private registry read-only

Guide on how to use Bytesafe Freeze policy to control the open source software versions to what's available in an npm registry. Want to get consistent results when using npm install? Use Freeze and lock available dependencies to the ones you selected and approved.

Introduction to secure private npm registries using Bytesafe in 1 min

A quick introduction to secure npm package management with Bytesafe. Your code is your business and we know how hard it can be to manage JavaScript securely. With Bytesafe you have a secure by default solution that continuously monitors your dependencies.