Don’t be the weakest link in your software supply chain

Don’t be the weakest link in your software supply chain

Open source software is the foundation of most modern applications today and has proven to be an explosive engine for business growth.

Even if you are not aware of it, your applications will have a more deeply rooted dependency on open source than you might think.

With such a fast pace of application development it has become increasingly harder to know what open source dependencies and package versions are actually being used at different stages of the release cycle.

Although open source code brings accelerated speed of application development it also comes with an inherent security and license risk. Which, if left unchecked, can leave your business open to what’s known as a software supply chain attack.

Questions do need to be raised on what controls are in place for the open source components your team are using. In order to help that dialogue we have published a free to download e-book called “Don’t be the weakest link in your software supply chain.”

The 50 page book is based on our extensive hands-on experience and covers everything you need to know about controlling the open source code your business depends on, identifying the risks of the software supply chain and how to effectively manage them.

Bytesafe reduces the risk of businesses failing to keep track of components, their dependencies and open source licenses. Providing a better way to control your software supply chain with a secure single source of truth for packages to build software quickly and safely.

For developers, Bytesafe improves productivity and reduces friction by improving collaboration and creating replicable environments with the same package versions available for all. All of which can be done using existing developer tools without loss of development speed.

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