Official Bytesafe Launch

Official Bytesafe Launch

A few months have passed since we opened up the doors to Bytesafe and we are now ready for our Official Bytesafe Launch. A big thank you for all the feedback! We are overwhelmed and humbled by all the positive comments we have received.

We are excited to announce our first premium TEAMS plan and some new features with focus on security and notifications.

With this release we have also decided to remove the Beta disclaimer.

Our mission

Our mission is to make it easier to safely use and share JavaScript in teams and organizations.

Bytesafe is built to provide features to close the gap between developers and security teams with great workflow support allowing you to always be in control of your JavaScript packages.

We believe that the future will require all businesses to focus even more on security and license compliance issues. Therefore, we actively enrich Bytesafe with features within these areas.

Our initial focus is on security and collaboration features for the JavaScript ecosystem, where we feel the need is the greatest. Over time we will add support for more languages and package managers.

What’s new

While we continuously add improvements to the product, we now feel that we have a stable core to build on and have removed the “Beta” disclaimer.

These are some of the most important new features recently released:

  • Security scanning - Now you can enable the Scanner plugin, so that all your packages are scanned for known vulnerabilities and you are notified in Bytesafe.
  • Advisories - With our Advisory database you can view advisories reported for known vulnerabilities.
  • Slack integration - Get relevant notifications and Package Insights in your own Slack such as when known vulnerabilities are detected in a registry.
  • Secure & Scanned policies - Decide if you want to restrict packages, so that only secure & scanned packages can be stored in your registries
  • Simplified releases - We have added new policies and collaboration features to provide more control when making releases
  • Pricing plan - Bytesafe is free for individual developers. TEAMS and ENTERPRISE plans have been added to the pricing.
  • Even better support - We’ve only received positive feedback from our users, but don’t want to settle. We want the experience to be top-notch when contacting Bytesafe support and have made a few improvements. Our support is staffed with engineers who understand code and your use cases.
  • More content - We have also added new content relevant to specific features in Bytesafe or use cases. Make sure to read up on the brand new Introducing Security Scanning and how the Freeze Policy can help with consistent packages across environments.

Get started with Teams

The Teams plan allows you to invite and manage team members and enables premium features such as Slack integration and full access to our plugins and policies.

For more information, check Sign up for Teams

Learn more

Signing up for a Bytesafe account is quick and easy. Try Bytesafe for yourself - it’s free to Sign up.

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you!

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