Secure package source for your organization

Package Management

Your applications depend on open source code from external third-party sources as well as your own proprietary code. Use a single trusted source for both your open source and private packages with Npm, NuGet, Maven and PyPI registries from Bytesafe.

With millions of public packages accessible by your developers and automated environments, it's imperative to stay in control over the packages in your supply chain.

Package Management

Bytesafe Secure package management

Developer-friendly and private Npm, NuGet, Maven and PyPI registries

Get a secure package source for your team. Cache and proxy artifacts from public repositories like Npmjs,, Maven Central or Deploy the private artifacts your organization needs. Fully managed and hosted in the cloud. Quick and easy to get started!

Bytesafe Platform

Manage open source + private components with Bytesafe

Control the dependencies used across your organization. Add both private and public packages to fully managed registries and gain a secure single source for your teams.

Analyze your dependencies and get insight into what packages are used where. Explore detailed information about your packages in an intuitive user interface.

Bytesafe Platform

Works with the tools you already use

Build secure apps using your regular tools. Bytesafe supports package managers and builds tools like npm, yarn, pnpm, maven, gradle, nuget and twine and even integrates as a package source in IDEs like Visual Studio, JetBrains Rider and PyCharm.
Bytesafe Platform

Secure dependencies for developers and CI/CD

Empower your team with a single secure source of truth for packages for the whole organization.
Unlock productivity

Unlock productivity

Don’t waste resources troubleshooting messy package installs and mismatching dependencies.

Cache and proxy versions from public registries like npmjs, maven central, or and publish the private packages your organization needs. Fully managed, cloud native and high availability!

Bytesafe Platform

Automatically track and remediate vulnerabilities

Bytesafe identifies vulnerabilities, deprecated components and license issues early, shifting far left where it’s easier and less costly to fix.

Information is aggregated in a beautiful UI where issues can be tracked to remediation.

  • Integration with GitHub Issues
  • Slack, email & in-app notifications
Bytesafe Platform

Bytesafe 💙 secure dependencies

Bytesafe can secure your whole supply chain. Use the same source for NuGet + Maven + npm + python packages for development, Q/A and builds.