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Secure by default private npm registries

Security built-in to the workflow

Combine your need for package management with security. Add public dependencies and share private packages using your regular tools.

Create a trusted source for every stage of your software development lifecycle (SDLC). A source where packages are continuously monitored and secured.

How Bytesafe works

Automatic quarantine of malicious packages

Block undesirable components before they can put your business at risk. Quarantined packages are held securely within Bytesafe - notifying you of issues early.

With customizable thresholds - to stay in control without breaking builds.

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Protection from Dependency Confusion

Bytesafe secures your supply chain from dependency confusion attacks by default!

New versions of internal packages are prevented from being fetched from external sources. All while maintaining full access to external registries for public packages!

How to protect your supply chain

Know the dependencies you are using

Identify what packages your apps depend on and their dependents. Use Bytesafe as the team’s secure source of truth for npm packages.

Security is a team effort. So information is made available for all team members, from relevant metrics to advisory details.

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What our clients say about us


"We use Bytesafe in our CI/CD pipeline to keep our Javascript packages secure. Setting up Bytesafe to use in combination with the regular public registries was super easy. It helps us share our internal private packages securely and efficiently across all our development teams."

Anton Aderum



"We've been using Bytesafe across our organization to manage our private javascript packages. The CI/CD pipeline setup was a breeze and adding new team members to the system is painless which is important as we're a growing team. Vulnerability flagging has also helped us increase package security."

Jordan Steeves