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License insights for your dependencies

Continuous License Compliance

Create custom license policies according to the rules of your organization and automatically track license compliance issues and restrict problematic packages.

Stay in control with in-depth license scanning that identifies actual license text and compares it to declared licenses.

License compliance docs

Stay up to date on your license composition

Discover when new licenses are introduced in your codebase, and the full extent of your open source licenses obligations.

Don’t slow down due diligence proceedings by not knowing your open source license inventory.

See why License Compliance matters
Identify license compliance issues

Identify license compliance issues

Identify, track and remediate license compliance issues from unlicensed packages, custom or unknown licenses.

Don’t get overwhelmed by requests for license risk and compliance reports for the packages you depend on. Continuously scan and monitor your packages to identify issues early - before it’s too late.

Block undesirable licenses

Block undesirable licenses

Don’t risk legal claims from using copyleft or non-compliant licenses! Use Bytesafe to stay in control.

Block packages with undesirable open source licenses from getting into your software supply chain. Continuously monitor dependencies, get notified and enforce business policies at every action.

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What our clients say about us

Anton Aderum

"We use Bytesafe in our CI/CD pipeline to keep our Javascript packages secure. Setting up Bytesafe to use in combination with the regular public registries was super easy. It helps us share our internal private packages securely and efficiently across all our development teams."

Anton Aderum


Jordan Steeves

"We've been using Bytesafe across our organization to manage our private javascript packages. The CI/CD pipeline setup was a breeze and adding new team members to the system is painless which is important as we're a growing team. Vulnerability flagging has also helped us increase package security."

Jordan Steeves


"Overall great experience"

"Price tiers are fair and easy to get going. So far my only minor complaint is the UI and when I mentioned this they reached out asking what were some issues."
Administrator in Computer Software

"Fully recommend Bytesafe"

"Bytesafe was easy to set up and very useful to create your own private package registries. It has a very generous free plan which will get you started in no time at all. It fit perfectly within our workflow."
Bram H, CEO

“Amazing for private packages”

"The fact that you can create private NPM packages, instead of paying massive fees at NPM or Github is absolutely amazing. And the security aspect of it all just seals the deal."
Hannes F, CEO