For a sector where trust & security is key

Bytesafe for Banking & Financial Services

Open source software is used at the core of your web applications. Yet 4 out of 5 Financial Institutions struggle to keep components up to date and secure. Don't expose your organization to unnecessary risks from outdated and vulnerable components.

Bytesafe for Banking & Financial Services

A better way with Bytesafe

Control the open source you depend on

Open source software are assets for any organization - as long they comply with legal and security requirements. Commit to safe use of open source and secure the packages you depend on.

Bytesafe Platform

Stay up to date with components used in your applications

70% of code used in applications is open source & 200+ external dependencies is common.

With Bytesafe you can know your software composition. New packages are added & tracked automatically as they are requested by developers and applications - instead of relying on static information.

  • Continuously updated - as part of the regular workflow
  • Identify outdated and non-complying components
Bytesafe Platform

Automatically identify issues with your dependencies

Bytesafe identifies vulnerabilities, deprecated components and license issues early, where it’s easier and less costly to fix.

Information is aggregated in a beautiful UI where issues can be tracked to remediation.

  • Identify outdated, vulnerable and non-complying components
  • Keep track of issues: Notifications and integration with GitHub Issues
Bytesafe Platform

Protect your organization with a dependency firewall

Quarantines unwanted components according to your security and license compliance policies. Shifting the responsibility from individual developers to business-level decisions.

With Bytesafe your internal & external packages dependencies are safe and always available.

  • Block packages - automatically according to your business rules
  • Prevent supply chain attacks - both for internal and public packages
Bytesafe Platform

Make open source governance available to everyone 💙

Security is a team effort. With Bytesafe governance information is made available not only to Developers but also Business & Security stakeholders.

Easily track key metrics & issues, risk exposure and trends in Bytesafe.

  • Accessible metrics with Dashboards & Issues
  • Get notifications directly into your inbox