Stay on top of your open source compliance

License Compliance

Use Bytesafe to keep track of your organizations license compliance and open source license inventory. Create your license policy and make sure nothing but compliant packages are used by your developers and CI/CD.

Open source software is free and available for anyone to use — but there are legal restrictions and obligations. Using open source components you’re implicitly signing a legal contract that is enforceable.

License Compliance

A compliant supply chain with Bytesafe

Continuous License Compliance

Continuously enforce your license policies with Bytesafe and keep non-compliant open source packages away from your developers, CI/CD and applications. Secure and compliant dependencies - where you're in control!

Bytesafe Platform

In-depth license scanning

Stay in control with in-depth license scanning that identifies the open source licenses from actual license text in package files.

References to licenses declared in metadata are often incomplete and not enough for licenses to be applicable. Bytesafe compares observed licenses to declared licenses and notifies you of any license issues.

Bytesafe Platform

Always up to date license inventory

Discover when new licenses are introduced in your supply chain and the full extent of your license obligations.

Continuously monitor your organization’s package dependencies - a necessity for an accurate open source license composition.

Bytesafe Platform

Customizable license policies for your organization

Create custom license policies according to the rules of your organization.

Policies are used to automatically track license compliance and applied before any registry actions to block problematic packages.

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Block undesirable licenses

Don’t risk legal claims from using copyleft or non-compliant licenses! Continuously monitor dependencies and enforce business policies at every action.

Automatically quarantine packages with undesirable open source licenses, preventing them from getting used in your software supply chain.

Bytesafe Platform

Identify license compliance issues

Identify, track and remediate license compliance issues from unlicensed packages, custom or unknown licenses.

Continuously scan and monitor your packages to identify issues early - before it’s too late.

Bytesafe Platform

Make open source governance available to everyone 💙

Compliance is a team effort. With Bytesafe, governance information is available not only to Developers but also Security and Business stakeholders.

Easily track key metrics & issues, risk exposure and trends in Bytesafe.

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