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The Service

Dependency firewall for a safer code supply chain

Bytesafe® is a SaaS service that protects your organization by allowing you to securely manage both internal packages and external dependencies in secure private registries.

In today’s insecure world, security attacks are increasingly targeting the software supply chain and simply scanning for vulnerabilities and reacting to threats is not enough.

The Bytesafe Dependency Firewall keeps your supply chain secure with automated controls according to your business policies. Safeguarding against bad actors, blocking unwanted packages and identifying open source risks.

Having all your code dependencies centrally in Bytesafe allows for continuous protection and control of what code you are using. Knowing what code you are using is at the core of securing your software supply chain!

Our service is built to make information accessible for everyone involved in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). We offer features for everyone from Developers, Test Engineers, Devops, Security Teams to Business Stakeholders.

That’s why unlimited free read-only users are included in our premium plans.

Bytesafe Secure Supply Chain

The key components of the Bytesafe offering are:

  • Dependency Firewall - Protect your applications and keep unwanted dependencies out of your organization.
  • Package Insights - Identification, management and visualization of packages
  • Security - Security scanning to detect vulnerabilities
  • License compliance - In-depth license identification and license rules for compliance
  • Business rules - Policies to control, restrict or allow what dependencies are used in your organization
  • Problem management - Issue tracking and remediation

Open source code is used everywhere! And it only continues to grow. As such many Developers are already making us a part of their everyday routines as businesses around the world are waking up to the potential risks of using open source in their applications. Hope you too will enjoy our approach of securing your code supply chain!


Daniel Parmenvik

Founder / CEO

Startup innovation. Built ground up to scale

Platform for continuous analysis of your dependencies

We are a close-knit and highly efficient team of engineers, based in Sweden. We have leveraged our flexibility, innovation and knowledge to build a dependency management platform that truly scales from individual developers to large Enterprise teams.

Our idea has always been to leverage the Bytesafe dependency management platform for all other features we offer with Bytesafe. By including your package dependencies in one central place, you allow for continuous analysis of the content within.

Identifying what dependencies are actually used, together with open source package licenses, security issues and much more - creates awareness of potential issues. To control exactly what packages should be allowed and used in the organization, Bytesafe offers a range of Policies, Plugins and Integrations. With these, users can adapt the flow of packages to their business rules.


Bytesafe, an idea sprung from experience

We have seen and experienced first hand the challenges that customers face when managing and deploying code. Fast moving organizations make it increasingly harder to know what dependencies and versions are actually used at different stages of the release cycle. And if you don't manage risks like this, they will most likely come back and bite you.

The idea for Bytesafe came out of the need for a service that could simplify dependency management, a service that could increase the level of control and security. One that would have saved us time and unnecessary headaches. We wish we had Bytesafe!

Our Mission

Make your code safer - with security accessible to all

Our mission is to make your code safer in your apps. Both from a technical and business perspective, bridging gaps between developers, security teams and the business managers.

With our team's experience we know that controlling all important aspects related to your code supply can be a hassle. Therefore we always strive to reduce complexity and make things so that they are easy and fast to use.

We started with JavaScript/npm. Simply because this ecosystem is undoubtedly the largest, both in terms of developers and applications, but also in terms of usage of open source dependencies.

With our recently announced support for Java & JVM Ecosystems for users building Maven/Gradle projects, we've taken the first step on our journey to extend with more ecosystems to secure your tech stack.

About Us

Meet the Team

The team behind Bytesafe has long and profound experience from the Fintech industry working with real-time mission critical systems delivered to millions of digital banking users. We are techies with profound experience from backend services and APIs developed in Java, .NET and Go as well as JavaScript components.

Bytesafe is developed by Bitfront AB, a company based in Stockholm, Sweden. In addition to our founding team, Bytesafe employs a team of developers with extensive full-stack experience and awesome team members responsible for design and marketing.


CEO & Co-Founder

Daniel Parmenvik

Founder and 20+ years of working as an entrepreneur and manager within IT in an international environment. Always in close collaboration with customers.

Loves music and likes to geek out about home automation & food appliances.



Niclas Gustafsson

Experienced in managing teams in fast pacing tech companies for over two decades. Expertise in building secure infrastructure, ranging from physical data centers to server-less cloud services.

Photography enthusiast that recently found out that skis can be used in horizontal mode.



Andreas Bielk

Entrepreneur & Software Developer. Knows a lot about everything within development and IT architecture.

Happiest in the mountains, paragliding or rock climbing.