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Our History

Bytesafe by Bitfront.
Our team and idea to a better Javascript world

Bytesafe is a SaaS service that allows you to protect your Javascript packages using private registries. Bytesafe’s vulnerability scanning, dependency management and workflow features are designed to fit right into a modern agile process.

Bytesafe is developed by Bitfront AB, a company based in Stockholm, Sweden. The team behind Bytesafe has long and profound experience from the Fintech industry working with real-time mission critical systems with streaming financial information from exchanges to millions of digital banking clients.

The team consists of developers and IT team leads/CTOs who have been responsible for products consisting of APIs and Javascript components. We have seen and experienced the challenges that customers face when deploying code.

This is where the idea for Bytesafe came from which would have saved us time and increase the level of control and security. We simply wish we had Bytesafe instead of the other alternatives we used.

Hope you will enjoy our approach of securing your code supply chain!


Daniel Parmenvik
Founder / CEO

Our Mission

Make the JavaScript ecosystem a safer place

Our mission is to make usage of JavaScript safer in your apps both from a technical and business perspective. With our team's experience we know that controlling all important aspects related to JavaScript can be a hassle. Therefore we always strive to avoid clutter, reduce complexity and to do things so that they are easy and fast to use.

Where other alternatives fall short we strive to make Bytesafe a service that is not an ordinary package manager. Bytesafe is built to provide features to close the gap between developers and security teams with great workflow support allowing you to always be in control of your JavaScript packages.

We believe that the future will require all to focus even more on security and license compliance. That is why we will actively enrich Bytesafe with features within these areas.

In short: Our goal is to make Bytesafe a safe haven for your JavaScripts in your code supply chain.


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