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A Security Platform That Protects You From Open Source Software Supply Chain Attacks

The cloud-native security platform reduces risk and protects revenue - without slowing down developers

Dependency Firewall

The Dependency Firewall quarantines malicious open source before reaching developers and infrastructure - protecting data, assets and company reputation.

Our policy engine evaluates threat signals such as known vulnerabilities, license information and customer defined rules.

Application Analysis

Application Analysis

Having insight into what Open Source components are used in applications is crucial to avoid exploitable vulnerabilities.

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) and Dashboard reporting give stakeholder a holistic overview with immediate insights into the current situation.

License Compliance

Discover when new open source licenses are introduced in the codebase.

Automatically track license compliance issues and restrict problematic or unlicensed packages.

Issue Tracking

Issues are automatically created when problems are detected by the Dependency Firewall or Software Composition Analysis.

Track progress from creation to remediation - with optional integration to GitHub Issues.

the bytesafe platform

Automated Open Source Security

Bytesafe Platform
The Dependency Firewall quarantines malicious open source before reaching developers and infrastructure.
The Policy Engine evaluates threat signals such as known vulnerabilities, licenses and customer defined rules.
Developers continue to use their normal package management tools - with additional insights provided by Bytesafe.
SecOps manage policies and monitor the current security stance, and if needed, take control of any quarantined packages.
Packages are analyzed and cached by the firewall, additionally Bytesafe handles internal dependencies - with automatic Dependency Confusion protection.


What our clients say about us

Anton Aderum

"We use Bytesafe in our CI/CD pipeline to keep our Javascript packages secure. Setting up Bytesafe to use in combination with the regular public registries was super easy. It helps us share our internal private packages securely and efficiently across all our development teams."

Anton Aderum


Learn how Bytesafe helps Bokadirekt
Jordan Steeves

"We've been using Bytesafe across our organization to manage our private javascript packages. The CI/CD pipeline setup was a breeze and adding new team members to the system is painless which is important as we're a growing team. Vulnerability flagging has also helped us increase package security."

Jordan Steeves


Daniel Loza

"We create NodeJS & Java libraries and use Bytesafe in our CI/CD environment. For us it’s a very useful and important tool. Bytesafe has high availability which is crucial when installing packages in our projects. I want to highlight that the service keeps private packages secure. The dependency firewall keeps us safe and informed of potential vulnerabilities where we need to take action. Excellent tool!"

Daniel Loza