Bytesafe Pricing Plans

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For individual users

(free private registries)


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  • No bandwidth limit
  • No storage limit
  • Unlimited number of packages
  • Unlimited private registries
  • CLI Support (Mac, Win, Linux)
  • High-availability 24/7
  • Single-sign on
  • Security Scanning
  • Basic Package License Analysis
  • Basic Plugin & Policy management
  • Community Support

No bandwidth and storage limits assumes fair use

€29 / month

$35 / month

€26 / month

€312 billed annually

$32 / month

$384 billed annually


For small and medium sized teams

(5 users included)


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Additional users:

€8.25 per user / month

$10 per user / month

€9 per user / month

$11 per user / month


Everything in DEVELOPER, plus:

  • Teams management with multiple users
  • Basic Access Control
  • Slack integration
  • Extended Package License Analysis
  • Advanced Plugin & Policy management
  • Basic Support

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Let's talk

Let's talk

Let's talk


For larger or multiple teams



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Everything in TEAMS, plus:

  • Data Region Choice (EU, US)
  • Reports
  • Audit trails
  • Granular Access Control
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • SAML Single-sign on
  • On-Premise option
  • Full-text search and filtering
  • Code-signing
  • Malware-scanning & detection
  • License compliance
  • Custom integrations
  • Enterprise Plugin & Policy management
  • Business Support


What our clients say about us


"We use Bytesafe in our CI/CD pipeline to keep our Javascript packages secure. Setting up Bytesafe to use in combination with the regular public registries was super easy. It helps us share our internal private packages securely and efficiently across all our development teams."

Anton Aderum



"We've been using Bytesafe across our organization to manage our private javascript packages. The CI/CD pipeline setup was a breeze and adding new team members to the system is painless which is important as we're a growing team. Vulnerability flagging has also helped us increase package security."

Jordan Steeves